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Regular maintenance of your vehicle is key to ensuring its safety, dependability and value. Keeping this in mind, Swanson's Automotive Service offers some helpful tips that may prevent some automobile problems from occurring or recurring.  

Almost all mechanical devices require some type of regular maintenance to help ensure a long life of service. Sometimes you can't avoid the need for repairs and services, so here are some helpful tips from Swanson's Automotive Service.

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Car Care Tips to Ensure a Long Life of Service

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Be sure your air conditioning system is healthy.

Regular maintenance is very important because the weather can take its toll on a vehicle. A weak air conditioning system can fail in hot weather and leave you hot under the collar.


Have your scheduled air conditioning system maintenance performed by a qualified technician to ensure it is working properly.


Worn tires are trouble waiting to happen.

Some people are not aware, but the tires on your vehicle are very important to the brake system. The brakes rely on good traction from the tires in order to stop the vehicle properly.


If your tires are worn, the vehicle may not stop well or the brakes may fail in an emergency. Worn tires are a danger in wet weather as well. Replace worn tires as needed and check the tire pressures at least once a month.


Don't get caught with a dead battery.

Both hot and cold weather can put a strain on the battery and electrical systems. Look for signs of trouble such as slow starting or dim lighting. The accurate way to check a battery is with professional equipment.


If you are not sure, please have the system checked by a qualified technician.


Always be ready.

It's a very good idea to carry emergency gear such as a flashlight and road flares. Also make sure the spare tire and jack equipment are in good condition.


Have a good working, powered cell phone ready at all times. You will never know when you may need to call for towing services or other help.


Keep your vision clear.

Your windshield wipers are very important and often overlooked. Be sure to inspect them and replace as needed. You do not want to get caught in a rainstorm and not be able to see the road.


It is also important to replace any burned out headlights, taillights or signal lights as soon as you notice they are out.


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