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No job is too large or too small for our team. We will accurately diagnose your issues and go to work to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently. In need of battery service? We offer installation and clean the trays, terminals, top of battery and posts. We also charge batteries.


There are not many companies whose main objective is to satisfy each customer to the fullest. This is our objective with you. Call 941-758-6488 today for a FREE estimate. We stand by our work with a

12-month guarantee on parts and labor.

Whether your car is due for maintenance or your check engine light has come on, don't wait until the problem gets worse. The team at Swanson's Automotive Service will diagnose, explain and repair the problems to give you peace of mind. We use the computerized system Hunter WinAlign for wheel alignments.

From minor issues to major repairs, you can count on Swanson's Automotive Service to do the job right. Start off with an accurate diagnosis using the latest equipment. After your problem is diagnosed, let our professionals fix it for you AFFORDABLY.


Service to get you back on the road again

AFFORDABLE and Reliable Services and Repairs

Call the Shop That Has 17 Years of Auto Experience.


FREE estimates and a 12-month guarantee

  • Output temperature check

  • Blower motors

  • Cooling fans

  • Coolant level and condition

  • Leak test

  • Check for belts, hoses and connections

Comprehensive, expert air conditioning service

  • Recover any old refrigerant

  • Adjustment for drive belt tension

  • Clean condenser fins

  • Test air compressors

  • Air conditioner refrigerant fill

  • Pressure and leak checks

Complete engine repair services

  • Tune-ups

  • Oil changes

  • Timing belt replacement

  • Air filter replacement

  • Computerized engine diagnostic services

Stay safe on the road with quality brakes

  • Replacement for pads / shoes

  • Replacement for rotor / drums

  • Replacement for calipers

  • Anti-lock systems check

  • Hydraulic fluids check

Properly caring for your transmission needs


  • Front wheel drive transmissions

  • Rear wheel drive transmissions

  • Clutches

  • Manual transmissions

  • Automatic transmissions

  • Overdrive transmissions

  • Drain and refill transmission fluids

  • Complete transmission flush service


And many more!

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